'A'ohe hana nui ke alu 'ia

No task is too big when

done together by all

What We Stand For


The Kekoa Foundation envisions a thriving lāhui which includes a Hawaiian community that is strong, healthy, educated, culturally enlightened, and economically self-sufficient.


The Kekoa Foundation’s mission is to support, promote and advance the overall welfare and economic condition of Native Hawaiians in the State of Hawaii through educational, business, and community activities and programs.



Our Board of Directors will always maintain a majority of Native Hawaiian Directors. We feel a deep connection with, and responsibility to, the Hawaiian community. We believe it is our responsibility to work closely with local leaders to support the community in the most effective way possible.


Teamwork, Collaboration and Unity

We firmly believe that people, companies, and communities that work together can achieve more. We are committed to supporting programs and pursuing initiatives that have a positive, meaningful and lasting impact on the lāhui.

‘Ike Loa

Learning and Seeking Knowledge

Education and knowledge can be obtained in a variety of ways such as formal schooling or hands-on experience, and each form is equally important as the next. We believe that education at all levels, and at all stages of life, is an essential component of a community’s overall well-being.