Kūlia i ka nu‘u

Committed to the

pursuit of excellence

What We Do

Makai is committed to providing exceptional services to our government and commercial customers.

Systems Engineering & Integration

Our SMEs are currently supporting complex, cross-service DoD systems.

Managed Network Services

Makai provides a full range of network management services including tactical network design, installation, and access management.

Data Management & Cloud Migration

Makai's SMEs are currently supporting cloud migration efforts with the U.S. Air Force.

Application Development & DevSecOps

Our SMEs are currently leading agile process redesign and integration efforts for DoD customers.


Makai is currently providing network modernization and RMF compliance expertise in support of the U.S. Marine Corps.

Business Consulting & Process Improvement

Makai advises government and industry organizations on pathways to organizational efficiency and process optimization.

Technology Maturation & Risk Reduction

Within our Gemini 5G test lab, Makai conducts IRAD projects to evaluate emerging technologies including AI/ML and 5G.


Through a prime contract, Makai is currently providing SETA support for the Navel Education Training Command (NETC).

Hardened Operational

Networking Unit

To enable the rapid deployment and reconfiguration of multi-domain mobile network architectures, Makai developed the Hardened Operational Networking Unit (HONU), a flexible edge compute platform.


The HONU is able to accommodate multiple WAN connections concurrently. The HONU serves as a gateway for any network type including 5G, SATCOM, and Tactical Data Links.

Rapidly Deployable

The HONU's plug-and-play design is easily adapted to meet user requirements. Makai's vendor-agnostic approach allows us to integrate any mission critical hardware or software component.

Optimized Capacity

The HONU's autosensing firewall switches between networks to minimize latency and optimize throughput.